November 13, 2011

Brisket, Two Ways: Part 2

At long last, I FINALLY have the opportunity to sit down and blog about the second way to eat your brisket. My last post was 10/24 and today it is 11/13. The last several weeks have been wrought with very trying times in class. Projects and tests are practically coming out my years. This has been perhaps the LONGEST semester of my college career. I have never wanted school to be over so badly. The worst part is that even though I will be done with every degree I need in May, I will still need to study, because I have the stupid CPA exam. *Sigh* I can't wait for this part of my life to be over. I'm ready to just work.

Anyway, on Tuesday I get yet another project, and tomorrow I have ample studying to do, so I thought that at this late hour (10:40 PM), I would take this scarce and brief opportunity to expose you to the absolute delight that is Brisket Tacos.

Despite offering cookies, only ONE person took a stab at what the second way was. I don't understand you people. A simple guess with the possibility of COOKIES attached to it! Why wouldn't someone guess for that? I would guess for one cookie, let alone a whole batch... Y'all are weird. ;)

This is the epic awesome-ness that awaits you if you dare to make the AMAZING DELICIOUS FANTABULOUS tacos!!!