January 13, 2012

Crock Pot Bolognese

It has been exactly two months since I last typed up a blog post. I have had a VERY busy two months.

In November and April, school gets insane- Finals are drawing ever so much closer. Happy note: This upcoming Thursday, I will be attending my very last first day of school. In May, I will finally be done with school. Forever.

Easy Apple Pie Ice Cream

So, I have had this post ready to since November and honestly, I just forgot to post it.

I am about to write a genuinely new post right now. :)

The weather has been cooling down a little here. It's slowly beginning to feel like fall. And when I say slowly, I mean extremely slowly. Mostly we've been in the mid-80s, but about once a week we end up in the 60s.

A couple nights ago, I was really craving ice cream, a traditionally summer-y dessert. And it should practically be like fall at this point. How could I make ice cream more fall-ish?