January 13, 2012

Easy Apple Pie Ice Cream

So, I have had this post ready to since November and honestly, I just forgot to post it.

I am about to write a genuinely new post right now. :)

The weather has been cooling down a little here. It's slowly beginning to feel like fall. And when I say slowly, I mean extremely slowly. Mostly we've been in the mid-80s, but about once a week we end up in the 60s.

A couple nights ago, I was really craving ice cream, a traditionally summer-y dessert. And it should practically be like fall at this point. How could I make ice cream more fall-ish?

I was also craving some apple cider. Drew likes apple cider this time of year, too. He can only get it in the form of the little sugar free packets that you mix with boiling water.

Then it hit me! Mix the delicious apple cider packets and some apples with my vanilla ice cream!

Here is what you'll need:

You'll also want a little sprinkle of cinnamon, but I hadn't learned that yet when I took this picture.

Let your ice cream soften a lot or pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. If the ice cream is too hard, it doesn't really mix quite right.

Put a few scoops in your blender and add the packet of apple cider mix and a sprinkle or two of cinnamon.

If you don't have a low carber, slice up a few apples and put them in now. If you do, blend a little, serve him his portion then add some apples.
My ice cream had the texture of a custard. I added a few extra apple chunks for garnish.

This really does taste like apple pie. It was awesome. The perfect barely-almost-sort-of fall dish. :)

FYI, if you're looking for the apple cider packets I used, this is what the box looks like:

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